NFT drop 420 FRENZ



Project Details

  • Pre-Sale Price
    0.00420 Ethereum
  • Public Sale Price
    0.00420 Ethereum
  • Collection Count
    10420 items
  • Category
    Digital Art

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Once upon a time, in a not-so-distant digital realm, Pepe the Frog decided it was high time to expand his circle of frenz. Not just any frenz, though. He wanted frenz who shared his love for all things chill and green. So, he hopped onto the idea of creating the ultimate collection: '420 frenz', a place where like-minded digital beings could meet, greet, and share in the leafy greens of camaraderie. Pepe rallied the Boys Club, a motley crew of digital misfits and meme legends, including Wojak, Doge, and Dat Boi. "Listen up, frenz," Pepe croaked, "We're gonna mint the chillest, most laid-back collection OpenSea has ever seen. We'll call it '420 frenz', and it'll be the dankest gathering of digital joints the internet has ever seen!" he plan was simple yet ambitious. They would create a series of unique digital tokens, each representing a new member of the '420 frenz'. These wouldn't be just any tokens; they'd be crafted with the utmost care, embodying the spirit of relaxation, laughter, and, of course, a shared appreciation for the herb. Wojak, ever the emotional one, shed a tear of joy. "This is beautiful, man. We're gonna bring together the chillest frenz from all corners of the digital world. I can already feel the good vibes." Doge, with his usual flair for the dramatic, exclaimed, "Much wow! So mint. Very 420. Wow." And Dat Boi? Well, he just rolled in on his unicycle, flashing a peace sign. "Here come dat boi!" he announced. "Ready to mint some frenz!"

Mint Date

Apr 20, 2024

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