Baby Ghosts 3D NFT


NFT drop Baby Ghosts 3D NFT

Baby Ghosts 3D NFT


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BABY GHOSTS When a wraith daddy and a banshee mommy love each other very much, something magical happens. Out of the cabbage patch next to the graveyard rises a brand new generation of revenants! At pre-K, Baby Ghosts make friends and discover the world, until one day, the whole daycare is exorcised and all Baby Ghosts are released! Now lost spirits and spread to the wind, Baby Ghosts are free to haunt throughout the Earth. THE GOALS Baby Ghosts are crossing over! Now's your chance to grab yours before they reach the sky. Bred in a loving haunted household and eternally newborn, 10 000 Baby Ghosts are looking for a forever home in your wallet.

Mint Date

Jul 22, 2023

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