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    50 Polygon
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    10000 items
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BubbleFlow is a generative art nft project composed of 10000 pieces of art running on the Polygon blockchain. Each one is unique and has three generated traits. The following percentages are an estimation and are sorted from most common to least common. Color Count - The first trait is the color count. There are ten possible colors to be included in the NFTs. 30% chance to get 4 colors on the nft 25% chance to get 3 colors on the nft 20% chance to get 2 colors on the nft 15% chance to get 5 colors on the nft 9% chance to get 6 colors on the nft 1% chance to get 7 colors on the nft Width in Bubbles - The second trait is the width in bubbles. The width can be anywhere between 2 and 8 bubbles across. 40% chance to get a width of 5 bubbles 25% chance to get a width of 6 bubbles 14.9% chance to get a width of 7 bubbles 12.5% chance to get a width of 4 bubbles 7% chance to get a width of 3 bubbles 0.5% chance to get a width of 2 bubbles 0.1% chance to get a width of 8 bubbles Direction - The third trait is the direction in which the bubbles flow. There is a 25% chance for each of the four directions. The direction of flow can be towards any one of the four corners at a time.

Mint Date

Aug 25, 2023

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