NFT drop CondomPals



Project Details

  • Pre-Sale Price
  • Public Sale Price
    3 Polygon
  • Collection Count
    8000 items
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Step into KawaiiVerse, where CondomPals, a rainbow crew, dwell with tales to tell. Adorned with gloves, glasses, and sweet faces, 140 traits make each unique. Under Captain Careheart’s lead, their mission is clear—success in spreading wisdom and light where giggles take flight. Love Fest blooms with vibrant colors, CondomPals' booth a cheerful sight, boards in hand, sharing glee and funny messages. Doubtful Jack appears, casting shadows of uncertainty, but united, CondomPals turn doubts into laughter in a whimsical dance-off. As the carnival fades, mission accomplished, promises to return and share more, leaving hearts enlightened in the joyous reign of KawaiiVerse.

Mint Date

Dec 27, 2023

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