CryptoAngels by Trevor Jones


NFT drop CryptoAngels by Trevor Jones

CryptoAngels by Trevor Jones


Project Details

  • Pre-Sale Price
    0.000017 Bitcoin
  • Public Sale Price
    0.000017 Bitcoin
  • Collection Count
    7777 items
  • Category
    Digital Art

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Two months after the Archangel Collection auction, on 7th August will follow the full host of Heaven: 7,777 CryptoAngels! These will be rendered in pixel art and released as Bitcoin ordinals, which can be minted at OrdinalsBot. The CryptoAngels have been divided into cohorts of 370 ‘flights’, each flight aligned to one of the Archangels from stage 1. The Angels of each flight will share a spiritual significance and bear a shield displaying the constellation symbol of their commanding Archangel. Additionally, each has been designed from hundreds of unique variations in skin colour, facial features, hair, wings, weaponry, clothing, and accessories to make each CryptoAngel completely unique. There will also be seven very special 1/1 CryptoAngels unaligned with any flight. Key highlights of CryptoAngels: -Trevor Jones genesis Bitcoin release -OG crypto artist with history of record breaking sales and whale collectors -Fully doxed artist and team -Each Cryptoangel is key to access the 2025 Castle Party -Dante's Pixel Inferno video game is live now! -Connect with big collectors of the Archangel collection -Launching on Ordinalsbot -Each phase 1 WL has a guaranteed mint -Unique CryptoAngel art with millions of possible variations -Seven 1/1 CryptoAngel ordinals available About Trevor: More information: 7777 Ordinals - $42 each - 7th August

Mint Date

Aug 07, 2024

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