EXGOLAND Metaverse


NFT drop  EXGOLAND Metaverse

EXGOLAND Metaverse


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  • Pre-Sale Price
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    299 Solana
  • Collection Count
    1000 items
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EXGOLAND is a cutting-edge metaverse on the Solana blockchain, driven by advanced AI and VR technologies. It offers 100,000 virtual lands for purchase, boasting features like collaborative AI, Natural Language Processing, and personalized environments. Users can enjoy immersive experiences, benefit from emotional intelligence, and predict analytics-driven interactions. With 64x64 m lands, high-quality graphics, and endless creativity, EXGOLAND stands out. It's accessible on all devices and caters to diverse user needs, from casual gatherings to complex research tasks. EXGOLAND is redefine digital experiences where AI and VR converge to create an expansive, user-friendly metaverse.

Mint Date

Sep 29, 2023

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