FreakinnFrenz Club


NFT drop FreakinnFrenz Club

FreakinnFrenz Club


Project Details

  • Pre-Sale Price
    0.009 Ethereum
  • Public Sale Price
    0.022 Ethereum
  • Collection Count
    1111 items
  • Category
    Pixel Art

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🌈 Welcome to the FreakinFrenz Club! FFC is 1111 unique pixelated characters, meant to be your best friends. Created for the web3 culture. Become a part of our PFPs friendly club. We believe that FreakinFrenz is for everyone, so we are CC0! Mint Phase 1: Whitelist guaranteed mint (550 spots) - Whitelist can mint - 0.009 eth, 1 per wallet Mint Phase 2: Whitelist + Waitlist, NOT guaranteed mint - Whitelist can mint again + Waitlist will be able to mint - 0.0188 eth, 3 per wallet until sold out or public starts Mint Phase 3: Public Mint NOT guaranteed mint - all what’s left goes into this mint - 0.022 eth, unlimited mints per wallet untill sell out Launch Date: Mint Phase 1: May 15 11am EST Mint Phase 2: May 15 9pm EST Mint Phase 3: May 16 9pm EST Mint Price: Whitelist: 0.009 ETH Whitelist + Waitlist: 0.0188 ETH Public Sale: 0.022 ETH

Mint Date

May 16, 2023

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