Hex Mythica - Infinite Redeemers


NFT drop Hex Mythica - Infinite Redeemers

Hex Mythica - Infinite Redeemers


Project Details

  • Pre-Sale Price
    100 MATIC Polygon
  • Public Sale Price
    150 MATIC Polygon
  • Collection Count
    10000 items
  • Category

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The world of NFTs is growing exponentially, and with it comes the highly anticipated Infinite Redeemers launch. If you are fortunate enough to capture an Infinite Redeemer when they are released you will have acquired the master key to all things MYTH. Infinite Redeemers Your key to unlocking MYTH Rewards | Airdrops | Exclusive Access The Infinite Redeemers whitelist campaign is unique in its approach, as it offers different tiers with varying benefits for supporters. Here's a breakdown of the three tiers: Gold Tier x 750: Users in the Gold tier can mint up to 3 NFTs at $80 each, making a total of 2250 mints available. Silver Tier x 1000: Silver tier members can mint up to 2 NFTs at $90 each, with a total of 2000 mints available. Bronze Tier x 1250: Finally, the Bronze tier allows users to mint 1 NFT for $100, with only 1250 mints available.

Mint Date

Aug 17, 2023

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