Kahuna Connect Wave One


NFT drop Kahuna Connect Wave One

Kahuna Connect Wave One


Project Details

  • Pre-Sale Price
    250 Polygon
  • Public Sale Price
    250 Polygon
  • Collection Count
    25000 items
  • Category

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KAHUNA CONNECT WAVE ONE. JOIN THE PIONEERS. Dive into the extraordinary world of Kahuna with our Wave One Collection – a limited edition of 25,000 uniquely designed access passes in the form of a meticulously crafted 3D surfboard-shaped keychain, each marking the inception and celebration of the Kahuna era. This collection is a masterpiece, designed for timeless enjoyment and versatility. In the crypto world, WaveRiders are like digital surfers chasing the perfect wave, while WaveMakers shape the seas of information. Kahuna emerges as the ideal guide for both, offering WaveRiders a clear route to connect with crypto projects and catch crucial updates. Simultaneously, it provides WaveMakers a stable platform to communicate and thrive, navigating the turbulent crypto waters with ease. As a beacon in the chaotic sea of data, Kahuna empowers WaveRiders and WaveMakers alike to surf towards success in the dynamic crypto environment. As a Wave One holder you are part of something big as a Day-One OG WaveRider and WaveMaker in our vibrant community of pioneers, creators and enthusiasts. About us - Kahuna Connect is a pioneering NFT-enabled One-stop Platform for Web3 Chat, Communication & Collaboration to help creators, projects and communities focus, interact and grow together in an efficient manner.

Mint Date

Mar 06, 2024

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