NFT drop M3TAPASS ( DN404)



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    0.00046 Ethereum
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    0.00046 Ethereum
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    9993 items
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What is the M3TAPASS? - Full Breakdown The M3TAPASS is our very first #DN404 token. It is your gateway pass to enter the M3TASPHERE our entertainment metaverse built for entrepreneurs and game enthusiasts. This isn’t just your ordinary metaverse pass. We packed it with special perks that make this a must hold. Perk 1: All M3TAPASS holders receive Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 whitelist for ALL our future releases which is listed on the NFT metadata. These pre sales will be low cost and we will lock all sales revenue to use as liquidity for the DEX so the value is locked. Prices will be staggered by whitelist tier. ( Why would I want to hold something that might take a long time to come out? ) What if we told you we already have the next 2 releases ready? 😉🚀 The first of our releases will be our 3D avatars with over 44,444 unique combinations which will also be on DN404. News will follow after our avatar release about our 3rd release. Perk 2: 200 NFTs have metadata that qualifies them for the holder to receive one Free Claim For ALL Future Releases. This means at the time of the presale if you are holding a M3TAPASS with this metadata attached you will qualify to claim a free NFT. This applies for every release we have. Perk 3: Each M3TAPASS has metadata which states the amount of giveaway entries it has for our weekly giveaways. Every week we will do a draw to see which token ID will receive their airdropped prize which will be from the giveaway wallet which holds 5% of the su Perk 4: 10 NFTs have metadata that allows for them to receive one top 100 NFT by rarity on ALL our future releases. Perk 5: With the release of the M3TASPHERE holders of the M3TAPASS will have full access to M3TASPHERE events and spaces.

Mint Date

Mar 05, 2024

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