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    Digital Art

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MazeHunters is an interactive art project where pseudo-random mazes are created using a generative maze-creation algorithm that uses the Ordinal number of the Satoshi on which they are inscribed on as a seed. Every Ordinal can create exactly one unique maze with different properties and looks. The programming code for the generation process is inscribed into the Satoshi so that everyone can verify that this maze was created by the Ordinal on which it is inscribed. The rarity of the maze is determined by a maze solving algorithm. This algorithm is also inscribed onto the Satoshi, which allows everyone to verify the complexity of the maze. To reduce the size of the inscription, and for the sake of this experiment, we chose a simple solving algorithm. Since the solving algorithm is an iterative process we simply chose the number of iterations the algorithm takes as a rarity measure. This number is called RunTime. The mazes that are easiest to solve have a lower RunTime number. The mazes that are the most difficult to solve have higher runtime numbers. And every piece in the collection is ranked according to this number. Minting 7/26/23

Mint Date

Jul 26, 2023

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