Metabuds NFT Collection


NFT drop Metabuds NFT Collection

Metabuds NFT Collection


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  • Pre-Sale Price
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    10 SUI
  • Collection Count
    3333 items
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🌱 Discover Metabuds: A Unique NFT Collection with Endless Possibilities! 🎨 Join us on an exciting journey with Metabuds, where we're crafting a collection of 3333 one-of-a-kind NFT assets. Each element in this collection boasts distinct characteristics, transforming them into highly valuable digital assets. Our main objective? To provide you with an exceptional opportunity to own a truly unique NFT collection that serves both as a treasured keepsake and a lucrative investment. With varying levels of rarity, every single Metabud becomes an exclusive gem, exuding immense value.

Mint Date

Aug 10, 2024

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