Orc Nation


NFT drop Orc Nation

Orc Nation


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  • Pre-Sale Price
    55 Polygon
  • Public Sale Price
    65 Polygon
  • Collection Count
    10000 items
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Dive into the realm of Orc Nation, a groundbreaking NFT collection where fantasy meets blockchain technology. Join forces with the formidable Orc tribes, each led by a distinct Orc Leader, and embark on a digital adventure unlike any other. With 10,000 unique NFTs up for grabs, become a part of a community that values strength, unity, and perseverance. Orc Nation isn't just about owning digital art; it's about securing your place in an expansive ecosystem that rewards exploration, creativity, and engagement. Each NFT serves as your passport to exclusive content, games, and experiences within the 3MetaD universe. From the thrill of RC Duels to the nostalgia of Stellar Paddle Rebirth, your Orc Nation NFT is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of entertainment and opportunity. Crafted on the Polygon MATIC blockchain for its efficiency and scalability, Orc Nation NFTs promise a seamless and environmentally conscious digital ownership experience. With ERC-721 tokens ensuring uniqueness and security, your investment is more than a piece of art—it's a stake in a continually evolving digital world. Embrace the call of the Orc Nation and join the horde today. Discover the strength in unity, and let your adventure begin.

Mint Date

Mar 22, 2024

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