Seedworld Vanguards


NFT drop Seedworld Vanguards

Seedworld Vanguards


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    0.04 Ethereum
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    10000 items
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Seedworld Vanguards - PFP Collection Vanguards (the army at the forefront of a movement) is the outcome of thousands of hours of dedication and passion for art. We wanted each wearer of Vanguards PFP to feel a sense of might and mastery while designing each trait. PFPs represent us in social media, not only that, but, they become a part of our being in essence, and they tell the world a story about us. And now, Vanguards are ready to meet their owners and wearers. Each Vanguard will also be stakeable at gamification portal to earn mystery chests and get you ready for a life beyond this world.

Mint Date

Aug 21, 2023

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