Silhouettes of New Apes (SONA)


NFT drop Silhouettes of New Apes (SONA)

Silhouettes of New Apes (SONA)


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    0.088 Ethereum
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Silhouettes of New Apes (SONA) is an Ethereum-based NFT art project centered around the core PFP concept. 📌 Immerse yourself in a curated collection celebrating individuality within the web3 community through captivating silhouettes. 🚀 Embrace a visionary concept that unites the digital and physical realms to represent your style in everyday life. 🦄 Shinho, an accomplished designer transitioning into artistry, infuses SONA with unwavering creativity, delivering the essence of new apes in a refined and sophisticated manner.

Mint Date

Aug 30, 2023

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