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Introducing Solgwais, the characters are furry lil balls of mischief that are always looking for some trouble and new friends on the Solana Blockchain. They will bring a unique gamified staking to the holders NFTs, with a unique utility token $DUDZ, which will be the lifeline of Solgwais Ecosystem, while offering many different types of utilities and oppurtunites with our web2 and web3 partners. Solgwais main goal is to become a community philanthropy hub on the Solana Blockchain, using the power of a community and the founders vision to connect and give back to those in need through Web3 and Blockchain Technology. Breaking down barriers and teaching those that might not know how to and not have the means to do so. Our motto "To build the foundation for others, where others might not have the same means". Make sure to feed your Solgwais, if you don't something might happen to them.......

Mint Date

May 15, 2023

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