Swanky Harpy Kingdom


NFT drop Swanky Harpy Kingdom

Swanky Harpy Kingdom


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    5 Solana
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    7777 items
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"Unlock Love, Explore Comics, and Wear Swanky! Your Gateway to the NFT Dating Universe." 7,777 unique NFTs created programmatically through a combination of style on the Solana blockchain, all between 5 to 8 Sol! 💠The primary goal of our company is to bring perception of secure love in the society through our revolutionary community driven Decentralized Dating Dapp based on Blockchain Technology. 💠Giving people earning potential through our captivating Comic Book Series!! 💠Using the revenue through our crowdfunding program to payback our holders and investors! 💠We're thrilled to offer our investors the opportunity to earn additional income through our Merchandize program! Swankies

Mint Date

Sep 30, 2023

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