The AstroBen


NFT drop The AstroBen

The AstroBen


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  • Pre-Sale Price
    0.01 Ethereum
  • Public Sale Price
    0.005 Ethereum
  • Collection Count
    25000 items
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"Celestial Revelations" Prepare to be dazzled by celestial secrets and profound cosmic insights during the "Celestial Revelations" event. This extraordinary gathering of celestial beings and enlightened souls unveils the mysteries of the universe, offering glimpses into the tapestry of time itself. Join us as renowned astronomers, visionary scholars, and mystical sages converge to share their profound wisdom and discoveries. Delve into captivating presentations that will expand your understanding of the cosmos and shed light on the enigmas that have perplexed humanity for eons.

Mint Date

Jun 21, 2023

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