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The Deitys


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What is The Deitys? The Deity's is a high-quality 3D PFP project on Ethereum where the bridges you build help lead you to greener pastures. A Deity is a god or a benevolent being by definition, but to me it's YOU . It's the community that surrounds NFTs and web3. It's all of us. What does the future hold? As you progress in The Deitys you will find new ways to strengthen your deity and prepare for battle on the path to omnipotence. Community and Art. Not just a cop-out but a statement. Mt. Olympus awaits! Forge your own destiny. The Deitys aim to change what it means to have an NFT as a PFP. We want people to find themselves in the space, not lose themselves in it.

Mint Date

Oct 01, 2023

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