The Square Faces


NFT drop The Square Faces

The Square Faces


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    FREE Ethereum
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    10000 items
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    Play to Earn

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🎮 The Square Faces: Your Gateway to the Coolest NFT AI Battle Royale! 🎮 Hey there, Square! Ready to step into the wild world of The Square Faces? It's where awesome AI tech meets the buzzing NFT scene. Here's a sneak peek of the epic adventure that's waiting for you: 🔥 The Ultimate AI Battle Royale & Cool Artistry 🔥 Get ready to join the ranks of The Square Faces, the coolest NFT AI Battle Royale on the Ethereum blockchain. We're all about community vibes, bringing you 10,000 unique animated faces that are just as quirky and diverse as we are. These aren't just any faces; they're a celebration of our multicultural world, bringing a splash of fun and unity to the NFT and Metaverse scene. 🌐 Dive into the AI Revolution, Dynamic Metadata & Cartoon Fights 🌐 Don't miss out on the full AI experience at The Square Show, the ultimate destination for NFT Definitive Battle Royales. Every fight is generated in 3D, as a Cartoon, bringing the action to life like never before. Gear up and dive into the heart of the action with The Square Faces! Each Square starts off with a random weapon (from a pool of 100) and can Level-up from Level 1 to Level 10. The best part? Half of the players always survive, carving out their own legacy of glory and value. All losers, however, are banned forever from the arena, and their metadata (Levels) are frozen forever, SQUAHAHA! The Square Show Arena is the only place where you can prove your value. Choose to fight and risk it all, level per level, grab your square balls and dive in, or swallow them and step back! 🎉 Mark Your Calendars for the Big Release 🎉 Get ready for the time of your life on October 15th, 2023, when a whopping 9744 units drop for an unbelievable price of ZERO! Yes, you read that right, absolutely FREE! This is your golden opportunity to own a piece of the hottest AI-driven NFT collection in history! Please note that Ethereum gas fees may apply during the minting process. These funds are not collected by us, but go directly to the Ethereum Foundation to support the network's operation and development. See you in the Arena, Squares!

Mint Date

Oct 15, 2023

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