TURF - Map art you truly own


NFT drop TURF - Map art you truly own

TURF - Map art you truly own


Project Details

  • Pre-Sale Price
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    30 Polygon
  • Collection Count
    10000 items
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TURF creates map art that you truly own as every square of earth is available only once. When you buy TURF map art, you receive 3 things: 1. An interactive 3D art experience 2. A HQ file download of the image below that's ready to be printed on fine art paper 3. An NFT certifying your ownership of your piece of the world These collectibles are gorgeous maps of your favorite places on Earth, with each representing a specific location. Each TURF art is a 1/1, meaning that there is only one of each available. This means that if you purchase a TURF digital collectable of your neighborhood, you are the only one who can claim ownership of it.

Mint Date

Aug 24, 2023

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