Warriors of the Rising Sun: NFTs on MATIC


NFT drop Warriors of the Rising Sun: NFTs on MATIC

Warriors of the Rising Sun: NFTs on MATIC


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    3 Polygon
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    30 items
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This collection comprises 30 artworks utilizing MATIC, each depicting warriors clad in stylized armor. All pieces are unique (1/1) and feature a theme centered around these armored swordsmen. The backdrop showcases the breathtaking landscapes of Japan, seamlessly integrating the warriors with the beauty of Japanese scenery. These warriors exude both courage and grace, embodying the spirit of ancient fighters. Their presence evokes images of intense battles on the field juxtaposed with the serene harmony of Japan's natural landscapes. Notably, one secret piece with a unique scene is concealed within the collection, adding an element of discovery for collectors. Appealing to NFT enthusiasts and art aficionados alike, this collection offers a captivating glimpse into the world of warriors and the enchanting vistas of Japan.

Mint Date

Mar 24, 2024

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