Zillennial Memeopolis


NFT drop Zillennial Memeopolis

Zillennial Memeopolis


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    0.1 Polygon
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    1000 items
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Welcome to the vibrant universe of "Zillennial Memeopolis," where the spirit of Generation-Z and Millennials (collectively known as Zillennials) intersects with the delightful quirkiness of the Nyan Cat. This exclusive NFT collection is a limited series of 1000 individual digital masterpieces, each with its distinct personality, storyline, and vision. The first piece in this stunningly colorful collection, "Nyan-Ventures in the Z-World," pays homage to the everyday heroes of our generation - the hardworking, persevering Zillennials. It represents a world where a zest for life meets a sense of purpose, where technicolor dreams are intertwined with the pulsating rhythm of ambition.

Mint Date

Jun 23, 2023

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